Patriots vs. Oligarchs: We’re Not Alone

Marine Le Pen (2017-03-24) 01 cropped.jpg

Globalists want to shut down nation-states and have a global government. But there’s still resistance, even in Europe, and it’s not going away.

European patriots gathered in Prague this weekend to proclaim their dedication to preserving their own nations and resisting the European Union’s drive to dominance. Among the highlighted speakers was Marie Le Pen, former candidate for president of France (

Le Pen laid it on the line. The EU, she said, has “the same goal” as the Soviet Union: to weaken the nation-states, and to “reduce political and legal capacities of resistance… We are the resistance!” The EU, she said, is “for the benefit of an oligarchy of civil servants and experts.”

It’s not just President Trump standing between us and an all-devouring global state. Europe is full of leaders–and voters–who understand their peril and are laboring to save us from it.

But the oligarchy has had several decades in which to solidify its power, and it won’t go gently into that good night–as we see in our own country, in the efforts of the Deep State to stage a coup against our lawfully elected president. In France we saw the French nooze media successfully push the candidacy of statist throne-squatter Emmanuel Macron, by painting him out to be a nice safe “centrist” and branding Le Pen a “far right” extremist. Because she still believes in France, and wants to save it.

The last serious effort to create a global state was confounded by God, when He thwarted the building of the Tower of Babel.

God knew what He was doing when He divided our language and created nations. For all their faults, our nation-states protect us from the greater tyrannies that strive to rule the world. Alexander, Napoleon, and Hitler, and so many others, tried to do it by force. They failed. So their spiritual successors do it through secrecy, mischievous laws, and, in the language of Daniel, “by flattery.”

Anyway, it’s good to know we’re not alone.

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6 responses to “Patriots vs. Oligarchs: We’re Not Alone

  • Erlene Talbott

    Indeed, it is good to know there are still wiser heads out there. Some articles would have us believe that all of Europe is doomed, and that we are inevitably right on their heels.


  • Watchman

    I remember reading Rodney Stark’s book “How the West Won”. He basically said the collapse of the Roman Empire was the best thing that could have happened to the West. All the resources went into supporting the single monolithic empire, and there wasn’t much in the way of innovation, save for concrete. But when Rome collapsed, hundreds of nation states emerged, as well as healthy competition. That’s when the West really started to take off past the rest of the world. That is a good argument for nation states.

    The globalists see global government as the next step in our social evolution. We’ve tried tribalism, empires, and nation states. They saw the bloody world wars of the 20th century between the nation states, and think that a global government will bring world peace. The theory is if there are no nation states, there is no one to fight against (I guess they never heard of civil wars). Of course, they forgot we’ve tried global government before on the Plain of Shinar, and it didn’t work out so well. The problem, as you pointed out, is there would be no one to resist a dictator should they come to power.

    The bible says this is exactly what will happen. Somewhere along the lines there will be a final world empire (ie. global government) headed by the Anti-Christ. There will be something that will finally push us over to world government rather it be economic crisis, world war, or whatever. The good news is it will be short lived. The AC’s rule is only 3.5 years. When global government is defeated, it won’t be by human hands, but by Jesus himself.


    • leeduigon

      Well said, kimosabe.
      We tend to view the fall of Rome as a calamity. But I’ll bet at the time there were a lot of people throwing their hats up in the air and dancing jigs to celebrate.


  • Erlene Talbott

    Well said, indeed, and I have always thought that if these dolts could really get what they think they want, they will be devastated, not elated.
    Thank God that Jesus is coming soon to take over.


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    The power of the MSM and liberal entertainers/Hollywood cannot be under estimated in the ability to poison the populous. If there had been no Mueller Investigation, the GOP would have retained the House. That’s why the Dems continue the witch hunt with propaganda about obstruction. That’s all they have to stop Trump – their Green New Deal sure won’t.


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