‘Irrational Humanism’ Explained

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Why is the Far Left Crazy so crazy? Why are we confronted with so much sheer loopiness–“transgender,” “open borders,” “everything is racist,” and so on, endlessly–which, far from landing its proponents in the madhouse where they belong, are offered to us as genuine public policy options? Options that we’d seize in a New York minute, if we weren’t racists and biggits etc.

Mark Rushdoony explains it clearly and convincingly. It’s their ideology that makes them so patently irrational. In their Darwin-inspired world view, chaos and revolution equal “progress,” and it’s always a good thing to tear down the old to make place for the new–never mind their relative merits, new is always better!

There is a method in their madness.

That’s why they must be utterly defeated. May God equip us for that righteous task!

4 comments on “‘Irrational Humanism’ Explained

  1. If we begin with the words of II Chronicles 7:14, not just reading and thinking about them, but moving out and doing them, then pray for our leaders and for wisdom for all citizens, I believe this madness could be put away from us. Otherwise, we are in deep trouble.

  2. Those who embrace evolutionary thinking are living in a false reality, so naturally they come to false conclusions about true reality: That we live, move and have our being in God moment by moment, and it is His Divine Providence that is guiding history.

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