The Boldest Cat in the World

So the alligators climb ashore in what appears to be a busy recreation area, and they are not small alligators, either–it does make you wonder why the humans don’t back way off. For those who don’t know, alligators are able to put on a  burst of high speed at very short notice. If you’re standing too close, ol’ hoss, you ain’t gettin’ away.

And along comes a cat–a cat, mind you!–and bullies both gators back into the water.

How does he do it? There’s no physical contact. It looks like kitty just gives the gators the bad eye until they get the message and retreat.

Confidence is everything, I guess.

(P.S.–I am typing this without it hurting my fingers. A good sign, I pray.)

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7 responses to “The Boldest Cat in the World

  • Erlene Talbott

    Great news. So wonderful to be rid of pain.

  • unknowable2

    That is amazing. I can hardly believe my eyes, but it’s obvious that it happened. Words fails me.

    • leeduigon

      I’m afraid neither of my cats would be up to this challenge.

      • unknowable2

        The fierceness of a common housecat is impressive. Yesterday, my little Siamese had a routine trip to the Vet and was not happy about being there. The scent of animals that had been there earlier in the day apparently set her off, it my point was that she was ten pounds of feline fury, to the point that the Vet and his assistant decided to limit the exam because they didn’t want to be scratched or bitten. A ten pound cat, wrapped in a bath towel, was so fearsome that 600 pounds of humans decided to back down. 🙂

        It astounds me that an alligator would back away from a cat and two gators runs off by one cat; I’m astounded!

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