Byron the Quokka: ‘Excerpts, Anyone?’

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I’m always looking for ways to get readers more involved with my books and this blog. This morning Heidi had an idea that appeals to me: post excerpts. Revisit favorite characters and incidents, etc.

Now, I don’t have time to be poring through the books, looking for excerpts. But what I can do is post excerpts requested or nominated by readers. It might drum up interest in the books. It might be fun for everybody.

Some parameters immediately suggest themselves:

Make ’em short excerpts, just a paragraph or so.

Avoid posting things that will spoil the book’s ending.

When you request an excerpt, make sure to include the book’s title, the page number, and the first couple words of the desired paragraph or passage (so I can find just the one you want).

I have delegated this project to Byron the Quokka, who’s been tugging at my pants leg, demanding a greater role in our proceedings. “I can do it, I can do it!” he chirps. And squeals.

So… let’s give it a try and see how it works out. I’m not committing myself–after all, there’s always the chance that hardly anybody will be interested and almost no one will participate. Who knows, maybe it’ll turn out to be fun.

P.S.–I don’t have a car this week, it’s still raining, and tomorrow I’ll be collecting cobwebs in the eye doctor’s waiting room. Byron will be here to process your requests. If he doesn’t eat them.

P.P.S.–If you click and visit “Books,” you will find the opening chapter of each book provided as a sample. So in a way, we’ve been doing this all along. It’s just that no one noticed.

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