In Case You Don’t Win…

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If by some statistical misfortune you don’t win the comment contest, there’s always this.

For less money than you’d pay for an order of steamed pork dumplings at the Pink Lotus–and they’re very nice dumplings, I hasten to add–you can get a Kindle copy of my new Bell Mountain novel, The Temptation. And if you’re really feeling like a sport, you can get it in paperback.

What would happen if all thousand of this blog’s subscribers bought the book, all at once?

Well, I would run outside and do a cartwheel, at risk of splitting my pants, my publishers would jump for joy, and leftids would feel downhearted. And a thousand people would have a nice book to read.

So much for the commercial.

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    1. I am happy to say that I finished translating all 39 chapters of Bell Mountain into Japanese, and Mom checked them all one time. Now we’re going to go over all the chapters again, comparing them with the English to make sure everything is correct. We’ll proofread it several times, then by God’s grace we hope to publish it someday.

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