A Passel of Possums

I had a baby possum once. I found him tooling around at the edge of the woods, he didn’t seem afraid of me, and so I brought him home and kept him in my room until my mother saw him and started screaming. Mothers don’t understand some things.

My wife had a possum in her house, too, before we met. Her possum had babies. Right there in the house. She didn’t throw them out!

I really don’t know what was wrong with my mother that day. Must’ve been something she ate.

10 comments on “A Passel of Possums

  1. Where I grew up in Missouri, there were quite a few, but I never had the
    inclination to try to bring one home; not that I could have caught one
    anyway, and I know I would not have been allowed to keep it if I did catch it. I always thought they were cute, though.

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