A Relic of Awfulness

I feel whimsical this morning. I’m convinced God gives us that so that we don’t burn out. A good laugh is part of God’s stuff, too.

I don’t know why this antique ridiculous commercial popped into my head today. Vintage 1979, it was for Revlon’s “Charlie” fragrance–I have no idea who gets to name perfumes, or how they go about it–complete with supermodel Shelly Hack and her 64 teeth and Mel Torme roped into singing the jingle.

Lyrics of enduring, persevering brainlessness: “Kinda young, kinda now… Kinda free, kinda wow…” It takes a special talent to write such drivel.

Mel Torme was one of the leading singers of his era and also a championship-caliber quick-draw expert. Interesting man! Great raconteur, too. They were going to do a feature on him for Sixty Minutes once, he says, but dropped it once they’d found out he had no history of scandal, adultery, alcoholism, or drug addiction. “I was too dull,” he admits.

6 comments on “A Relic of Awfulness

  1. ha, that’s good for a little chuckle. I used to use Revlon and Avon, etc.
    not any more, but I used to listen to Mel’s music, too, and haven’t heard
    any of that for a long time, either. Reminiscing.

  2. I was a bit too young to have seen this commercial on television. 1979 was the year in which I was born…hee hee. I’m amazed at some of the videos that I’m able to find online that were aired on TV many years before the internet existed.

    1. Yeah, I wonder how a lot of that stuff ever managed to be preserved. Why hold on to old perfume commercials?

  3. I remember that commercial. There are fairly large families in these parts that don’t have as many teeth between them as Shelly Hack has. 🙂

    But I must comment on the vocal. I have plenty of respect for old Mel, but his landing on that high F# (second note from the end) was less than graceful. I wonder how many takes they did.

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