Byron the Quokka to the Rescue!

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Imagine my dismay last night, at precisely 2:17 a.m., when my agents informed me that Violet Crepuscular has been arrested for that business with the toothpaste rolls, and her manuscript of Oy, Rodney been impounded by police. Something had to be done before the cops burned the papers.

Byron the Quokka has been sent to rescue Ms. Crepuscular–he’s sure he can get in and out of the police station, and in and out of the holding cell, without anyone seeing or hearing him–and safely retrieve the manuscript. He promises success. It seems a great-aunt of his once sprang H.G. Wells from jail.

Well, if he’s not back in another two hours, I’ll have to presume they did catch him, after all, and then find someone to rescue him.

Any volunteers?


11 comments on “Byron the Quokka to the Rescue!

  1. Byron can do anything. Look at that confident smile. I just hope he isn’t the kind of quokka that eats paper … no, he couldn’t be. If he says he’s going to retrieve the manuscript, he’ll do it. Besides, I don’t think this manuscript would agree with even the strongest stomach. 🙂

    I just love Byron.

    1. Oops, I should have read the next installment, about Byron’s rescue of the ms., before posting this. But at least my faith in him has been justified.

  2. Way to go, Byron! Congrats on saving Ms. Violet M. Crepuscular! I was about to turn unto a quokka!! (By the way, Byron, I thought I should tell you that the comments are disabled on “Trouble in Scurveyshire”.)

    1. It wouldn’t of mattered. It took the better part of the day to regather my senses after reading that someone confirmed 24 toothpaste rolls. Twelve’s my limit. 🙂

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