A Quick Word from Byron the Quokka

G’day! That’s my friend Quimby, allowing tourists to play with him; but if you watch carefully, you’ll see me and my cousins, Nestor and Francesca, in the background checking out the bicycle.

Remember, we now have a comment contest going, with 47,000 as the goal. Whoever posts comment No. 47,000 wins a fantastic prize. I think it ought to be a bicycle. I keep telling Lee that his readers would think very highly of him if he mailed one of them a bicycle.

Well, we’ve got 45,150 comments now, and I want to prove that nobody can run a comment contest better than me–you really do need a quokka for this kind of work.

4 comments on “A Quick Word from Byron the Quokka

  1. Who would have thought that quokkas would become stars of Lee’s blog, even to the point of rivaling Joe Collidge and all of Scurveyshire? 🙂 🙂

    1. My wife has warned me, regarding Byron the Quokka, “They’ll vote you off this blog before they vote him off.”

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