‘A Degrading Form of Government’ (2013)

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It was not God’s will for us to be under kings, emperors, dictators, or tyrants. That was fallen man’s idea.


Freedom is God’s idea–and how the fallen world resists it! To this day, and in all the days leading up to it, there are and have been puffed-up fools who want their foot on everybody’s neck. But the armed dictators of that unhappy 20th century have given way to the grinning globalists of the 21st.

They’re all the same, under the skin. You always wind up with piles of dead bodies, and the landscape full of barbed wire.

God defend us.

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6 responses to “‘A Degrading Form of Government’ (2013)

  • unknowable2

    One arrangement, with regard to kings of Israel, was that the king was required to personally copy the entire law, by hand. I don’t know if this was ever adhered to and it wasn’t all that much later that they lost the law of Moses and didn’t even know where to find it.

    But the arrangement of kings never did all that well. David was, in many ways the best and most righteous king in the history of Israel. David was an adulterer and murderer. The fact that the last two sentences are both true tells us a great deal about the nature of human rulers. Only God’s chosen king, Christ Jesus, can get us out of this mess.

    • leeduigon

      We are not told that any of the kings ever met this requirement.
      We’re not much better off than they were. Our system is fully capable of vomiting forth an Obama.

  • Watchman

    At a time when kings were worshiped as god, the torah was revolutionary in that it emphasized God as the highest authority, not man. We take it for granted now, but this concept so radically changed our thinking that we no longer see our leaders as gods. Well, most of us anyways.

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