The Reparations Derby

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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Looneyland) wants “the government”–that means you, the taxpayers–to pay reparations to “gay” and lesbian “couples” who weren’t able to get the tax benefits of marriage until “gay marriage” was gaveled into existence by five lawyers on the Supreme Court (

Remember, from seventh-grade civics, that thing about the Constitutional protection against ex post facto laws–that is, you couldn’t be tried for doing something that wasn’t against the law at the time you did it? Oh, you had no seventh-grade civics; never had civics at all… Well, if you were better educated than Sen. Warren, you’d know it’s unconstitutional to punish anyone for a) things they didn’t do, b) things that weren’t illegal at the time, or c) things they didn’t have the power to prevent.

But then we are talking about a woman who jump-started her whole career with a totally false claim that she was a Native American.

Speaking of which, Pocahontas wants reparations for them, too.

Let’s see… reparations for blacks, homosexuals, Native Americans… who’s gonna feel hard done by, if they get left off the list? Trannies, surely. Illegal aliens. Gang members. And let’s not forget the biggest aggrieved minority of them all–women! Definitely reparations for women, who were kept down, who were second-class citizens, for centuries. Go ahead, tell me they weren’t.

While we’re at it, I would like some reparations money, too. My ancestors on both sides of the Rhine were enslaved and tormented and massacred by the Romans. I should get some dough for that!

But there’s also atheists, pagans, short people, tall people, ugly people who couldn’t get dates in high school, fat people who always got picked last when choosing up sides, stupid people, silly people, highly intelligent people who got called names…

Where do we stop?

And don’t worry about what it’ll cost! Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez always says, we can just print up more money whenever we run out! And she’s got a degree in economics.

Think she might be entitled to a refund?

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  1. “ex post facto laws” – there is the answer. Slavery was legal in the 13 colonies. Then the slave trade was illegal in the early 1800’s. How can Thomas Jefferson & Geo Washington be held accountable when they were not breaking the law? Case closed 🙂

  2. A good book to read on the subject of slavery is Thomas Sowell’s “Black Rednecks and White Liberals.” Sowell is a brilliant economist (who happens to be black), and in part of this book he discusses the enormously complex social, economic, and political problems involved in the West’s efforts to end slavery, first the worldwide slave trade and then domestic slavery within nations.

    The irony, of course — and Sowell keeps pointing this out — is that the British Empire and its offshoots (e.g., the newly created United States) were the only people in the whole world throughout all of history who DID work to abolish slavery. And these are the people who the Left say should pay reparations.

    1. I’ve read several of his books. His colleague, Walter Williams, holds the same position on that subject but is even more forceful.

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