My Newswithviews Column, June 27 (‘Reparations for All’)

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She wants your paycheck

Democrats want to suck more money out of your paycheck–but only if you’re “white,” and thus responsible for every problem in the world, and deserving of no consideration whatsoever–and dole it out to their favorite voting bloc, African-Americans… minus the thick chunks of it that are bound to stick to their fingers.

Reparations For All

Well, my Newswithviews column got past whoever’s been sabotaging Chalcedon. Our website is still down this morning. Please pray for us, everybody. And feel free to wonder who’s next. They want all Christian and conservative voices shut down before the 2020 election.

Meanwhile, if there is any more outrageously unjust scheme than “reparations,” other than slavery itself, I don’t know what that could be.

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  1. In a sense, reparations are a form of slavery. Most of my ancestors were not in the US when slavery was happening and the one branch of the family that was live in Massachusetts, the first state to make slavery illegal. So why should the fruitage of my labor be taken from me and given to someone else’s especially when there’s no evidence whatsoever that none of my ancestors were beneficiaries of North American slave labor?

    1. I will not attempt to defend or justify any notion as monstrously wrong and stupid as “reparations.”
      The polyps in the Democrat Party say our tax rate ought to be 70% and up. If that’s not slavery, what is?

      There’s no injustice like Social Justice!

  2. And I wonder, how much is enough? When does this “pay back” come to completion? If you extend this “principle” to other areas, all progress would be halted while we continue to try to fix the past. Those who call themselves progressives are the most regressive group ever. Just one more way to become like the fantasy character Robin Hood..

  3. Elizabeth Warren reminds me of Ellen DeGeneres – a comedian, because the things she purports are so funny to any thinking sentient being. The Democrat Pres Debate candidates are like the Karl Marx Fan Club. How can Donald Trump not win by a landslide against these Leftist loonies?

  4. I know! I know! I’ll post my answer here. Martis’ horse’s name is Dulayl!! (I actually tried to post his name in Japanese a few times, but it didn’t work.)

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