‘Got Discomfort? Call the Cops!’ (2016)

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Complete the sentence and win a tin foil hat: “I believe everybody ought to go to college because __________.”

Meanwhile, at the Looniversity of Portland, if you see any kind of “interaction of intolerance” that makes you feel just a teeny bit uncomfortable, they’re advising you to… call the police!

Got Discomfort? Call the Cops!

Kampus Kops battling microaggressions. What a thriller that’d make.

“Ooh-ooh, officer, I just saw somebody tearing up an American flag and it made me feel soooo uncomfortable–!”

No, no. They’ll only act if it was the Rainbow Gay Rights Weird Sex Flag that you saw somebody disrespecting.

Defund the colleges now. All of them.

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  1. Call the cops? Isn’t that what macroaggressions are for? The U.S. Constitution gives the gov’t no power over education – it is to be a local matter (more accurately put, a parental matter). So why are all these so-called Originalist Constitutionists silent on the subject? No federal funding for colleges & universities would be a good place to start a cause worth fighting for.

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