Quokkas’ Home Movies

I’m beginning to fear that maybe this quokka stuff is getting out of hand; but then I’m getting killed with allergies today, so what do I know?

See if you can spot Byron in the crowd of neighbors, friends, and relatives. Some of them will be getting together to play Bell Mountain Trivia later tonight.

I have to go to bed. I feel awful.

7 comments on “Quokkas’ Home Movies

  1. So sorry, Lee, to know you feel awful. I am so familiar with that feeling. I finally got up enough energy to shampoo my hair and fix it today and that sounds simple, but when you are totally without energy, it is a big deal
    I am praying for you. Hope some rest does the trick.

  2. Hope you’re feeling better with your allergies. I hate getting all snuffly. But I loved that Quokka video! Thanks for sharing this. Meerkats, quokkas, baby sloths – God sure knows how to do CUTE!!!

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