Third Whopper (You Won’t Believe It)

Police said the mom was trying to keep the pool from flying away as she drove.

For those of you who’ve been following Oy, Rodney here on this blog on Sundays, you’re already family with weird stories involving wading pools. But this one’s from real life.

Police in Dixon, Illinois, arrested a 49-year-old woman–old enough to know better–for driving around with an inflated wading pool on the roof of her car… and her two daughters sitting in it “to keep it from flying away” (

Not even Violet Crepuscular could have dreamed up foolishness like this.

The woman is charged with endangering the children. The J-school genius who wrote the story didn’t give the daughters’ ages. Not that there’s any age that’s good for sitting on the roof of a moving car.

She didn’t tie it down. Didn’t deflate it, fold it up, and safely stow it in the trunk. No. This potential Democrat presidential candidate just put the pool up there on the roof of her car and had her kids sit in it. Happily, before anything really bad could happen, someone saw this pageant of folly when he happened to look out the window, and called the police.

How much public money, do you suppose, was spent on this woman’s education? Where do we go to get a refund?

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