‘Celebrity Grievances: Melissa Perry on “Ontological Blackness”‘ (2016)

Image result for images of melissa perry with tampon earrings

Here she is with her tampon earrings. The words “ontological stupid-ness” spring to mind.

If for nothing else, our current era will be noted for the rise of wealthy, famous, powerful, pampered celebrity drips whining and bellyaching about how oppressed they are. Here’s one that doesn’t play football.


I wonder if she sits in her limo and wails and gnashes her teeth.

Meanwhile, they’re having a special on Ontological Blackness at your nearest Totally Meaningless B.S. store.

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One response to “‘Celebrity Grievances: Melissa Perry on “Ontological Blackness”‘ (2016)

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    I had never heard of her – but then again I don’t watch anti-christian TV shows. I go out of my way to be nice and outgoing to blacks, and I think a lot of white people are just like me. I have lived in the South for 42 years and I never hear anyone use the “N” word. At my job at Whirlpool for 37 years, I led Bible studies and prayer groups on our breaks with blacks in attendance.. In the last prayer group I was in before the factory was moved to Mexico in 2012 there were 2-1 blacks in our prayer circle. We are all creatures of God, and we are all each others’ neighbor.

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