Ignorant Noozie Blasts Electoral College

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He knows “democracy” must be in the Constitution somewhere

One of the ignorant fops on MSNBC the other night did the traditional Democrat thing, whining about the electoral college (https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2019/08/31/msnbcs-chris-hayes-if-the-electoral-college-wasnt-in-the-constitution-it-would-be-unconstitutional/). If it wasn’t in the Constitution, he babbled, why, it’d be unconstitutional!

Why? ‘Cause it undermines the principle of “one person, one vote.” And even worse, he prated–it undermines “democracy”.

What a dope. Hey, genius! The purpose of the electoral college is to protect our country from the hysterical excesses that always accompany democracy and usually destroy it. It’s also to protect 48 states from being dictated to be New York and California.  It has served these purposes very well, and God help us if we ever had to do without it.

He goes on and on about “democracy.” Our system of government is not a democracy, but a republic. But you have to pass high school civics to know that, and they don’t teach civics anymore.

Hint: Anything Democrats incessantly complain about and say isn’t fair… just about has to be good.

And that goes double for noozies.

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