‘A Nuisance Call’ (2014)

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Boy, do we get nuisance calls! No end to them. I can hardly believe that it’s been going on for at least five years.

A Nuisance Call

Need I advise anyone to just hang up, if you get one of these? They want your credit card numbers, they want your bank account numbers–they want to strip you bare.

I remember the time some crook stole Patty’s credit card, right out of her purse in her office; and before the police could get there, the bad guy had run up $1,000 worth of of fancy sneakers.

3 comments on “‘A Nuisance Call’ (2014)

  1. Good heavens, the gall of some people is unbelievable. Sure, I get these nuisance calls every day. Nuisance is really not a strong enough word, but it has to suffice. I usually don’t even bother to open the phone, but just go to the place where I can delete them without opening. It is irritating when you are involved in something important and hear that stupid phone ringing.

  2. After I retired from the Whirlpool Corporation I would be home when a nuisance call came. I could tell by the caller ID that it was spam so I would answer the phone to stop it from ringing and then just hang up. But my wife insisted that when you do that they know someone is home and at what time you are home so it’s best to let it ring and let the answer machine take it (they seldom leave a message). The only problem with this method is the phone rings and rings.

  3. “Robo calls” are now the preponderant activity on my mobile phone. I shut off my home phone years ago, because every time it rang there was someone on the line begging for money or trying to trick me into revealing financial information. The soon to be released IOS 13, for Apple mobile phones, will direct to voicemail all calls coming from unknown numbers. This is a war against decency. BTW, I literally never buy from anyone that uses telemarketing, and I never will.

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