My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 7 (‘The March of Lunacy’)

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Is there a state that’s short a governor?

I keep asking myself how long this crazy stuff can go on; and I don’t know the answer.

The March of Lunacy

Why do we have a “transgender” movement? Was there some kind of demand for it? Really? Why do you get kicked out of your job for saying only women can give birth to babies?

Why does the government tell you how many points your high school football team’s allowed to score? Why does the governor of New York insist there were no hurricanes until we came along with our SUVs and created Climate Change?

Who thinks it’s a good idea to keep the crazies in the driver’s seat?

14 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 7 (‘The March of Lunacy’)

  1. There is nothing good about this direction in which we are headed… and in fact we are already there. It is like some crazy comedy show that we might have seen years ago. I think, if something like this had been produced, and shown in theatres, over half the audience would have walked out, demanding their money back. This is not funny, just sickening.

    1. I agree and pray fervently. But what we’re more likely to get is a “selected” globalist. The parties will be over folks. And so will be America as we know it. (I’m really scaring myself).

  2. It’s good to keep these crazies in the driver seat, only when we control their cars. Unfortunately, almost all of our “representatives” are missing. But we’re still a free country, for foreigners. Like Elaine said, I too want my money back, and more. I want our country back.

    1. When we have nothing more to lose that’s a path i’m willing to take. Which is now. Beginning in 2024, I wonder if many will even realize (or care) that it’s too late. Game over. But if we lose, we’ll still win, according to the “lunacy.” Of course our “win” will be the NWO’s seal of fate (and prophecy).

    2. If God meant to go fishing for the rest of Eternity and just leave us to be gobbled up by godless kooks and loons, He would have told us so.

    3. One of the things that God loves best is to use weak things to overthrow the strong, foolish things to overthrow the wise, and things that are despised to overthrow things that are highly esteemed [See 1 Corinthians 1].

      That being the case, we who serve the Lord are weak in terms of money and political muscle, we are widely considered foolish, and we are widely despised. I don’t know how God plans to use us to throw down the proud tower of humanist tyranny–but it’ll be really something to see!

    4. Brilliant! Your “commentaries” on the Bible are the best I’ve ever read and from which I’ve learned the most. It’s a pleasure being on your site.

    5. It’s a pleasure for me, to have you back with us.
      But my commentaries–well, I step into the theology shop with the greatest of care: no credentials, you see.
      Then again, probably anyone BUT a Reputable Bible Scholar Inc. can understand this bit of Scripture.

  3. If the climate alarmist would just plant 200,000 new trees around the world it would compensate for the increased CO2 – but then, they wouldn’t have the excuse of exercising dictatorial powers over every aspect of our lives to save the planet.

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