Animal Antics

All right, I finally broke down and watched this video. I had been avoiding it because I don’t approve of apex predators, like hammerhead sharks, as entertainment. I think the diver’s striped wet suit is to make the sharks think he’s some kind of sea snake.

But the rest of the clips are fun. The bear opening the car door, the raccoon performing a high wire act on the bird feeder, the cow nursing baby goats–just gotta love ’em. Unless it’s your car that the bear climbs into.

4 comments on “Animal Antics

  1. That was time well spent.

    Ok, I hate when Rhinos do that. 🙂

    The fish kissing the dog was notable. I wonder how their parents feel about this romance. 🙂

    That cow sure seemed to like the attention.

    The heterodonis nasicus, nasicus was fun. I used to have one myself. For everyone besides Mr. Nature, a heterodonis nasicus, nasicus is a Western Hognose snake. They are a nice little pet.

    1. Pretty much. Once they feel safe and associate your scent with safety, they become very docile. They sure are cute little critters, however.

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