A Clip from ‘Scrooge’ (1951)

Patty and I got all misty-eyed, as we do every Christmas, watching the Alistair Sim classic, Scrooge (aka A Christmas Carol), this afternoon. What a pair of softies! I mean, what’s the big deal? It’s only redemption!

Here’s young Scrooge at Mr. Fezziwig’s Christmas party, with one of the classic folk dances of England and Scotland–“Sir Roger de Coverley.” Published back in 1695, this dance turns up in several 19th century novels.

Have any of you out there ever danced it?

Anyway, out of all the fine movie versions of A Christmas Carol, this one is our favorite. Hankie, please!

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  1. I think they do that dance in “Gone With the Wind,” Charles Dickens book “A Christmas Carol” is a very good read, and not that long. It sure had a dramatic effect on Christmas celebrations since the Puritans had at one time banned celebrating Christmas.

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