Little Greta Wants It Done ‘Right Now!’

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“We demand!”

Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, anointed Far Left Scold of All the World, thinks it’s taking Western civilization much too long to cut itself off from fossil fuels.

“We want this done now–as in right now!” she says (

What is it that she wants us all to do “right now”?

Completely cut ourselves off from all fossil fuels. Cold turkey. And while we’re at it, totally re-engineer all our social institutions–overnight, if possible. Especially capitalism. Gotta get rid of that. “We demand,” seems to have become her favorite turn of phrase.

Who’s “we”? Don’t ask.

Hmm… If the world actually tried to do what Greta demands, it’s questionable whether anyone at all would survive the havoc that it wreaked. But I guess when you take a mentally ill teenager and suddenly exalt her to a level far above even the freakin’ pope’s, you have to expect it to go to her head a bit.

But if you’re a Far Left wacko, there’s nothing that beats having a child run interference for you. Anyone who criticizes Greta the Scold is just such a meanie!

Get hip to this, though: the world is full of rich, powerful wackos whose totally irrational policies, if followed, would plunge the human race into untold suffering.

And they don’t care. In fact, it’s what floats their boat.

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  1. San Francisco has put a 60 foot high poster of Greta on a building scolding the inhabitants below. Maybe Jane Fonda is jealous of all the attention Greta is getting and that’s why she has proclaimed herself a self-made Climatologist and is organizing all those protest rallies.

  2. Climate scientists of great experience do not necessarily see it the way this child sees it. That’s what she is; a child. Perhaps she is mentally ill, or at the very least pumped full of nonsense to the point it comes out whenever she opens her mouth.

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