Corona Cover-up: Red China

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Ach! Coronavirus story! But actually it’s a China story–a story about why it’s folly ever to trust communists (

It turns out that back in December, Chinese communist scientists realized what they were dealing with; and, in true Chicom fashion, covered it up by destroying samples, stopping tests, and suppressing news. They pretended that there was no virus. This gave the virus another three weeks of free rein, everywhere, until the Chicoms were forced to admit it was real.

Now they’re screaming “xenophobia!” at anyone who calls it the Wuhan virus–as in virus that came out of commie lab in Wuhan. Here, bubba, let me help you with that. Wuhan virus! Wuhan virus! Wuhan virus! Truth hurts, don’t it?

No one should have been surprised. This has been the pattern for Red China since Mao Tse-tung and the Great Leap Forward. Can’t meet your quotas? Well, in that case, they’re gonna kill you; so you lie and say you met them. Have you made a shoddy product? Lie and say it’s a good product, you followed all directions. It’s a tapestry of lies, dishonesty, shoddy workmanship, coercion, and sheer terror: all in all, the lifeblood of any communist regime. In Mao’s time they were burying people alive to make sure no one saw them starving.

Our partnership with Red China is and has always been a matter of going to bed with the devil. Now they’ve bought up half of Hollywood, more college professors than we’ve yet been able to count, a good chunk of our free and independent (LOL) press, and even nice swathes of our land.

Have we learned our lesson? Have we?

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