Lessons to be Learned… if We Can

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As we all sit around stalemated by the Wuhan Chinese Communist flu, it’s to be hoped that we at least learn some lessons from it. Like for instance:

Relying on Red China is folly. Everything we get from them has a sting in it. They are not our friends. Buy from civilized people, not from communists.

“Open Borders” is an idea whose time has never come and which is now totally gone. Just imagine what would happen to us, disease-wise, if we had a government that stubbornly refused to close our nation’s borders.

We don’t actually need all those colleges and have been wasting our money on them. We can more than get by without Gender Studies. The whole idea that everyone should go to college was ridiculous from the git-go.

We also get a lot less value from our public schools than we ever realized. Just how badly to we need teachers’ unions and gender counselors, anyway? I’m guessing not at all.

A ruling class of globalist elite schiff-heads is not smarter than us. If anything, it’s even dumber. They did a lot to make this mess.

Come to think of it, our own professional governing class is something less than a national asset. Maybe it’s time to re-think the whole business of who gets to run the country.

Actively and loudly rooting for the stock market to tank, rooting for the plague, because they think these disasters will destroy President Trump and boost them back into power, Democrats have shown that they are America’s enemies. They do not wish us well. C’mon, people! That mask slipped off more than a year ago. Wake up.

If we can learn these lessons, we will be a stronger country than we were six months ago.

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12 responses to “Lessons to be Learned… if We Can

  • Valerie Protopapas

    But there’s more to it than that! These are not individual, unplanned or erroneous conclusions drawn from normal lack of information or people who are poorly informed. ALL THAT WE ARE DEALING TODAY IS THE RESULT OF AN AGENDA THAT WAS PUT INTO EFFECT A LONG TIME AGO! We are merely coming down to its fruition — especially academia! If this were simply a matter of poor judgment, we could sigh and do what we could to undo the damage. It is not. It is intentional and the Deep State or whatever you wish to call the New World Order will not permit us to “undo” what they have put into place. It is now merely a matter of time before, as Ronald Reagan warned, all that we had and still have will be gone. The elites are more deadly than any mere plague.

    • leeduigon

      You credit them with a lot more strength and intelligence than I do. And even if they were as all-wise and all-powerful as that, God has already marked the day of their destruction on His calendar.

    • thewhiterabbit2016

      This current pandemic could be a judgment of God to wake up His people to the folly of believing in big government to fulfill the calling of the church.

  • Phoebe

    I have to agree with Valerie. When you compare this year’s panic and virtual shutdown of society — along with all our civil liberties — with the treatment given to the swine flu, Ebola, and other epidemics, you can hardly fail to see the difference. This one, framed precisely in an election year when it could most hurt Trump, is unprecedented in my lifetime. And my lifetime covers 78 years and includes a LOT of epidemics, pandemics, and even a smallpox scare in New York City in the 1940s.

    Even if this doesn’t pan out to be the kind of takeover the NWO people want (and I keep seeing George Soros’ gnarled hands in much of it), it’s been a frightening test run of what they can accomplish in the future with some other “emergency” that they can drum up. (Climate change, anyone?)

    • leeduigon

      There are several factors at play here. 1) Does the threat posed by the disease justify the extreme measures taken against it? Well, I’m not qualified to answer that. Some say it’s deadly, some say it’s not. I simply don’t know, and I certainly don’t know whom to believe. My sister, a medical professional (I just got off the phone with her) thinks it is… “for the most part.”

      2) Trump’s approval rating has actually gone up during this crisis. And I haven’t seen any figures provided by our free and independent press, but I have to believe the Democrats’ approval has gone down–what with them rejoicing over calamities for everyone else.

      3) Is globalism helped or hurt by this? Some of you think they’re creating a model for control of the human race. There’s no doubt that they’d like such a model: control of other people is what they’re always after. But at the same time, others have found that this crisis has made globalism look like a really bad idea. Open Borders, for instance: who’s going to keep trying to sell that?

      4) It sure looks to me like people are really going to dislike living with perpetual shortages and gov’t meddling in their lives. If they ever come to understand that life under socialism would be like this ALL THE TIME, well, that’d be really bad for the Left.

      If this whole business has actually been concocted and executed by global Bad Guys, there are strong signs that it might blow up in their faces. Let’s pray that it does.

      • unknowable2

        Getting in bed with the Chinese is not a great idea. We have a lot of low-priced merchandise from China and most people rely on Chinese-made devices to a great extent. The very device I’m using to post this was made at Foxcon, as are many of the network devices I deal with in my profession. Some people fear a “logic bomb” implanted in these devices or that they could be used for surveillance or to steal passwords, etc. I’m not completely onboard, but I don’t rule it out, either.

        Some are of the opinion that COVID 19 is a weaponized Coronavirus designed as a way to trigger SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in a fast spreading virus. I make no claims, but I do not dismiss this possibility entirely, either.

        The Chinese are not our allied with us in any way. They are trade partners, but that’s not a measure of political alliance. When the Soviet Union was openly hostile to the US, they still bought food from us. They are NOT our friends in any way shape or form. They have a different form of government, a different economic system and, to a great extent, much different values than we do. Just before this pandemic blew up, the government of China was trying to restrict the freedoms of Hong Kong and getting some serious resistance. They were also seeing unrest among the rest of their population. Whether they played a role in creating and/or releasing this virus, they are more than happy to extract the maximum gain from the situation.

        Is this virus all that serious? I would say no, except for the cases where it is. What I mean is that the average person will experience symptoms similar to countless other Coronaviruses, which is to say a head cold. Sadly, in some cases, people get very sick and can die from it. The current plan of “flattening the curve” makes sense, because it will prevent the facilities from being overwhelmed. In the long run, this virus will run its course and will become just one more virus that we deal with.

        Strangely, with age, our immune system becomes better at dealing with disease. As I understand it, the matter comes down to experience. However, the response of an older, more effective immune system can work against us. Remember, our symptoms come from our immune response. If we have a tough immune system, ready to make this virus pay a dear price, it may overtax our system, and that’s not good.

        There isn’t a perfect response to this. It’s a catastrophe, chaotic and not easy to predict. I be,Ive that Mr. Trump is doing as good of a job as can be done and, of course, he is using advisors to help him plot the right course. If there’s a shred of logic left in America, this will boost his approval ratings.

        Borders were emplaced for good reason. This is a perfect demonstration of why they exist. Look at it this way; the market where it is said to have originated is a filthy, bloody mess that would sicken most people. Improperly bled meat is a great way to expose people to diseases and I suspect that is the case with this problem (assuming that the conspiracy theories are false).

        I had to go into town today to get my taxes done. Amazingly, Walmart’s parking lot seemed less crowded than usual, so I dipped in for some shopping. In the grocery department many of the shelves were bare. There was some meat, but canned goods and items which would have a long shelf life were in short supply. Areas that are stocked daily, such as beer, sodas and chips, looked fairly normal. They had signs requesting that people restrict their butter purchases to one per customer, but there were few choices in that area. Frozen foods were empty of the most popular items.

        I actually know someone that has a relative in Venezuela. Shortage is a way of life there. Perhaps some of our younger citizens who are enamored with socialism wilL learn that there is such a thing as an empty shelf.

        The one bright ray of hope was that the mood at Walmart seemed much less tense than on my last visit, on the 17th. I talked to a worker stocking the shelves and she felt that things were getting better. I can’t say that I liked the limited selection, but I did leave with almost everything I had come to buy.

        • marlene

          Interesting story. We’re resilient, we’re resourceful, and we still have the remnants of capitalism that keep most Americans above the fray.

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Let’s hope all the things you have listed, Lee, will come to pass. God is great at bringing good out of tragedy. I think of the verse in Isaiah “When God’s judgments are in the earth, the people of the world learn righteousness.”


    This virus is a thorn on the side of the Left

  • marlene

    The Bible agrees with Phoebe. Yet Lee’s list unintended consequences gives us hope. But it’s just a matter of “timing” no matter what. And God’s “timing” is not in our hands.

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