Wanted: A School Song for Quokka U.

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Tuning up to sing our school song–once we decide what it is

G’day, everybody! Byron the Quokka here, with the latest on Quokka University.

We’ve been so busy appointing deans and such, we almost forgot one of the most important things for any college–a school song! We’re going to vote on it, and here are the top three candidates so far:

“I’m an Old Cow-Hand from the Rio Grande”

“The Ants Go Marching One by One” (my favorite!)

“I’ve Got Sixpence”

Aunt Feezy is still holding out for “How Much Is That Emu in the Window?”, but she’s the only one. There’s also some support for this old Simon & Garfunkel song, “I am Iraq, I am an Ireland,” but that one doesn’t make much sense to me. There’s a group of tuataras over in New Zealand who sing it really well, but it’s just not a quokka song.

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Besides, I think tuatara-singing is an acquired taste, and I have not acquired it yet.

Well, if any of you humans out there want to vote on our school song, please go right ahead. Maybe you can suggest a great song we haven’t thought of yet.

The school song will be sung at half-time during all our pick-up sticks matches.

12 comments on “Wanted: A School Song for Quokka U.

  1. Don’t,

    Tie me quokka on down, sport. Don’t,

    Tie me quokka on down. … Don’t

    Tie me quokka on down sport. … Don’t

    Tie me quokka on down.

    Pick up sticks till I’m dead, Fred.

    Pick up sticks till I’m dead. … So we

    picked up sticks till he died Clyde,

    and left ‘em stacked in the shed.

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