Gallup Poll: Trump Up, Noozies Dead Last

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For what it’s worth, the latest Gallup poll shows President Donald Trump (gee, I like typing that!) with a 60% approval rating for his handling of the coronavirus scare–his highest rating yet–and our wonderful nooze media dead last with only 44% approval ( They did even worse than Congress.

I have to ask why their approval rating is so high. All they do is scare stories and Trump bashing, plus a bit of covering for China. And imagine how much higher the president’s rating would be if the whole nooze media weren’t savaging him every day and every night.

At the top of the list stands our nation’s hospitals, with 88 percent approval.

Democrats and media–it’s getting so you can’t tell them apart anymore–are rooting for the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Monster to ravage our economy and make a lot of people sick, thinking it’s their best chance to get some socialist psycho into the White House. When the president and the Senate tried to give back almost $2 trillion to the American taxpayers to tide them over till better days, House Democrats tried every trick they know to stop it.

Their own rescue package was nothing but a Far Left Crazy wish list, full of costly garbage that had absolutely nothing to do with solving the crisis–including a devastatingly wicked scheme to subvert our elections with mail-in voting, public funding for abortion, and–holy cow–mandatory “diversity” quotas for corporate boards, just to name only three of many wacko schemes. So far they haven’t succeeded with it, God’s providence be praised.

But who are those 44% who approve of the nooze media? I don’t know, maybe you could get 44% approval for the virus itself.

We pray that this crisis will soon be over-past: and that we will have learned important lessons from it–like not trusting communist China, bringing our medical manufacturing back to America, and never again, never again, entrusting Democrats with power. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

8 comments on “Gallup Poll: Trump Up, Noozies Dead Last

  1. 44% is a cup half empty. Still way too high. I fear our country has too many stupid people in it and we’re outnumbered. Yes, STUPID

    1. OOPS – I tried to type Yes, STUPID people! I get a lot of negative replies when I call people stupid. I guess that’s because they are.

    2. “Ignorant” can be fixed. It’s the job of the nooze media to keep people ignorant. “Stupid” can’t be fixed. It’s the job of our so-called education system to encourage and affirm stupidity.

    3. Interesting. Never thought of it that way. I always thought of it as one of those “born that way” things. To me, stupid is mental and ignorant is emotional. But over time…the difference either grows or becomes moot.

    4. I suppose you can’t fix ignorance if the subject is naturally as dumb as dirt. This is revealed by the subject’s repeated support for the Democrat Party.

    5. Got that right and aren’t you clever! But please don’t disparage dirt. Dirt is smart, people are dumb, democrats are dumb, and democratic bureaucraps are dumbest.

  2. Like you said previously, Lee, it’s our money not the govt’s. The Relief bill is still filled with pork. I wish the President or some GOP Trump supporting senators would publish the names of those in Congress who put in the various cash laundering schemes, like the $25 million for the Kennedy Center (hey, I’ll clean the place for one million).

    1. It just goes to show you that bad habits are hard to break–even in an emergency. Dems will be Dems, no matter what. That’s why they have to be put out of business.

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