Still in Search of Supplies (as the day dribbles away…)

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America is not supposed to look like this.

If you want to buy cauliflower, you’re in luck. Anything else, you’re not.

We have just returned from an unsuccessful trip to the supermarket.

“Did I put yogurt on the list?”

No, there was no yogurt on the list. So back we go. Or we could go to Whole Foods, where today they had a nice long line outside.

My bad knee and my heel spur have had enough of walking around today; but now they’re gonna get more.

This is not America. America is not freakin’ shortages. Suddenly we are plunged back into the Jimmy Carter Dark Age.  It’s like the good old Soviet Union used to be. Please remember that Democrats have been rooting and praying for a recession ever since the Trump economy started heating up. They wanted something bad for America and now they’ve got it. They asked for it, they’ve got it.

I don’t know who’s worse–Democrats or Red China.

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  1. It’s not just the day that’s being dribbled away. It’s our entire American way of life, including our Constitutional protections and all our freedoms.

    The Governor of Michigan — the one who forbade doctors and pharmacies to prescribe or sell hydroxychloroquine — has now decreed that no one in Michigan is permitted to travel between residences to visit family and friends.

    Why do Americans put up with this? I’m starting to get the same level of outrage that I had in 1970 — even though I was a leftist at the time — at the anti-Americanism that I saw growing within the antiwar movement and many other things on the left. As a slum kid who’d worked her way into a professional career, I appreciated what America had given me, and I couldn’t stand the way my America was being reviled. I had to make a gesture, had to do something to show my gratitude, but I didn’t know what to do. I finally figured it out. I joined the Air Force. But I was 29 at the time. I could still make gestures like that. What do I do at the age of 78?

    That’s a real question. What can we do to rescue our America?

    Pardon the rant. I guess it’s the only gesture I have left at my age.

    1. Phoebe, i’m right there with you. I was in college in the 70’s – went in as a leftist, graduated as a conservative. I used to discourse; now I rant. Here is what I call our last frontier:

      4/9/20 Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project

    2. The last thing we need is Americans shooting each other. But even less than that, far less, do we need a government that has lost its fear of the people.

      I pray for President Trump, I’m thankful that I don’t have to stand where he now stands, I pray that God will guide him–and that our country will earnestly and truly repent the whole passel of ridiculous and shameful sins in which we have indulged ourselves in recent years.

    3. Phoebe, I hear you loud and clear!
      People are starting to get angry about this, and who can blame us? This is America! We worked hard to make it prosperous, and we don’t appreciate suddenly having to live as if we already had socialism. Meanwhile, Dr. Ron Paul–I stress “Doctor”–has called Dr. Fauci a fraud, the “models” nonsense, and the government-ordered response to all this a lot of nonsense.

      The only comfort I can find is the thought that if we, America, can’t come back from this… then nobody can.

  2. All of this is not the result of the virus but rather self-inflicted. We chose to shutdown the economy. Something we never did before, not even for the Spanish Flu. The “cure” will prove to be worse than the disease.

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