‘First the UK, Next, Here: All Speech is Hate Speech, Except for Lib Speech’ (2016)

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You always have the freedom to agree with liberals!

I wonder if they ever got around to defining precisely what kind of speech they’re going to “criminalise.” Then again, why bother? Any speech that libs don’t like.

First the UK, Next, Here: All Speech is Hate Speech, Except for Lib Speech

All over the world, governments are hunting down freedom and trying to push it into extinction. Free speech is the law of the land in America: but just see how long it survives if we ever get another Democrat president and senate. Heck, they’ve already killed it on our college campuses.

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  1. I don’t go out looking for trouble, but neither do I back up when lies are spoken directly to me. I cannot resist pushing back. I guess, maybe, I get away with more than some people because I am a small, old granny. Whatever the case, I can not tolerate blatant lies and nonsense. The billions of year evolution pseudo science just angers me to the boiling point. Those lifestyles that God says are abomination; likewise.

  2. I tend to believe that perhaps the end times are really here. The whole world is rising to put into place a one-world anti-God, all powerful State. I always thought that is how it would being. Yes, anything said by decent people ~ and especially Christians ~ will (and should) be considered “hate speech” because we HATE lies and murder and the wicked being who is behind them.

  3. In the past, whenever I heard people say “this must be the end times” I tended to respond, “Nah, we should be so lucky.” These days, though, I’m starting to wonder. Everything seems to be collapsing at once, even in the religious sphere. And the worst is that so many people seem to be accepting each step downward into chaos. I just don’t know. But last night I found myself praying, “Come, Lord Jesus!” as though the end were imminent.

    This morning, though, I made myself return to “Nah, we should be so lucky.” Otherwise, I’d stop fighting and just wait for the end. And I’ve always been a fighter. Not always a winner, mind you, but always a fighter. As Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to say, the Lord didn’t call us to be successful, just to be faithful.

    1. Well said!
      We don’t know when Jesus is coming. I just want Him to find me working diligently in His service. Yes, I’ll fight! I’ve got your back, Phoebe.

    2. Why polish brass on a sinking boat? Jesus promised us tribulation in this world, but added, “Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” I find it bad enough the MSM preaching gloom and dloom without the church people preaching gloom and doom as well. Where is the cheer? As Paul proclaimed in I Cor 15 “O death where is your victory? O death where is your sting? Christians are called to be victorious people, and we are not to love our lives unto death.

  4. That is or should be, our main concern; to be found faithful, fulfilling our commission. Whatever talent or gift we have received from the Lord, we
    are to be using it for His glory.

  5. This is no difference than communist China except instead of one dictator you have a forum of them. I am so glad the future is something God determines and not man. I am camped out on Isaiah 65 & 66. The pandemic motto is “Do your part,” whereas Christ’s Kingdom’s motto is “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.”

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