Baby Quokka Grows Too Big for Pouch

(Okay, Byron, this had better be good! I passed up a really cute baby rhino video for it.)

After about three months, things get exciting for a baby quokka and his mother: he’s growing too big for the pouch, and he needs to be weaned off milk and onto real food.

Before we titter at quokkas for being fooled by a robot quokka, remember who shut down their whole country because of some guy’s cockamamie computer model.

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  1. There was a link following the marvelous one of the baby quokka too big for its pouch. It was a scene I have always been fascinated by, but never able to see.
    What happens when all those millions of Monarch Butterflies get to their destination in Mexico?
    Here it is! Copy and paste the link.

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