A Minor Hiccup at Quokka U.

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G’day! Byron the Quokka here–and that’s the great Alvin Kasavubu’s blue bike in the background. I am jumping for joy because I found it!

Mr. Kasavubu very kindly agreed to be our first celebrity lecturer here at Quokka University. He is one of the world’s foremost experts on how to keep frogs from jumping off your head once you put them up there, and we were all very excited to have him.

Well, he showed up on his bicycle; and imagine our dismay when his bike went missing! I hope nobody thinks any of us quokkas tried to steal it. After all, our feet can’t reach the pedals. Anyway, poor Mr. Kasavubu, when he’d finished his lecture and wanted to go home, couldn’t find his bike. Was he ever upset! And we all had to go looking for it.

Happily, it wasn’t stolen, after all: somebody just moved it. We suspect wombats. They can’t resist a bit of joy-riding. If we ever find out who actually moved the bike, we’ll have to put them on academic probation. If we can figure out how to do that.

But at least we had the lecture, and a very interesting lecture it was!

We are well on our way to creating one of the world’s great universities.

5 comments on “A Minor Hiccup at Quokka U.

  1. What a wonderful lecture that must have been! Quokka U. sounds better every day. 🙂

    As I tried to envision keeping a frog on one’s head, I couldn’t help thinking of that old song, “The Bird on My Head.” Anyone here remember it? (“I’m just sitting in a vacant lot, / With a bird sitting on my head….”)

  2. Byron, I suggest you film your lectures and then put them on a YouTube channel for your university. A lecture on frogs staying on top of heads is bound to go viral and your school will become famous over night.

  3. FYI for Lee: I used to enjoy it when you or someone else replied to my comments, but I do not receive them anymore. Is it possible for you to ask the webmaster why this is? Thanks.

    1. Dave, this has happened to several readers and has happened to us, too–suddenly and for no reason getting cut off from some of the blogs we follow.
      If I ask the WordPress “happiness engineer,” I’ll just get a lot of computer lingo thrown at me and I won’t understand it.
      It happened to Erlene most recently, and then just as mysteriously stopped happening.
      It happened to Marlene, and she thought I’d banned her until she discovered her “settings,” whatever those are, had somehow gotten changed without her knowledge. When she changed them back, it solved the problem.
      I wish I knew what to tell you!

      SOS, anybody! Can anyone help Dave with this?

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