How Is This Crazy S*** Supposed to Work?

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By now, I hope, most people have noticed that the states with the most onerous restrictions imposed on their people are all Democrat states, with Democrat governors making like Mussolini. And surely you’ve noticed that whenever a state draws near the date set by the governor for the end of the lockdown, they move it back another several weeks.

You can walk on wet sand, but not on dry sand. Don’t step outside without a mask on. Don’t even think about buying seeds for your garden. And so on. One “mandate” after another. We used to have laws. Now we have mandates.

Democrats are enjoying this like it was a beer party in heaven. Somehow burdening the American people with innumerable restrictions, some of which don’t make any kind of sense at all, is supposed to endear them to the voters, turn them against President Trump, and sweep their warmed-over socialist rag-pile party back into power in November. Like, all this stuff that Democrats are doing to us–that’s all Trump’s fault.

What? How?

Shut up, they explained.

The Democrats abuse us and reckon we’ll blame it all on Trump. I don’t understand that thinking. It only works if our Free & Independent Nooze media go whole-hog Democrat and the people–maybe God has driven them mad–believe them. The party and the noozies have to work closely together on this… as they’ve been doing all along.

Is America truly stupid enough to fall for this?

God forbid.

8 comments on “How Is This Crazy S*** Supposed to Work?

  1. I don’t know anyone stupid enough to believe it, but I know there has to be someone out there who does, otherwise it would come to a sudden end.

    1. They’re convinced it’s going to work brilliantly: they abuse us, and it’s all Trump’s fault. Noozies working really hard to sell that.

  2. They say that every country gets the government it deserves, so we’ll find out on election day.

  3. They’re like, “Trump chastises you with whips, but we will chastise you with scorpions.” Didn’t work out too well for ol’ Rehoboam, either.

  4. People don’t have to believe it to spew it, and pat each other on the back for keeping it going. Leftists can’t remember more than one talking point at a time anyway but it doesn’t matter because they’re collectively joined at the hip.

  5. We will get our answer on November 3rd. Charlie Kirk who leads Turning Point, a large college/university conservative movement says young Americans are fed up with the lock down and are beginning to wake up to what socialism really is.

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