Some Badly-Needed Reforms

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It’s long past time our country adopted certain badly-needed reforms. The beauty of it is now we know how easy it will be to do it. Constitutional amendment? Ha, ha. Actual legislation, with debate, and voting? Nope, we don’t need it.

As George Steppanoplace once said, “Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Cool!”

So, yeah, no more of that creaky old procedural stuff. We’ve got MANDATES! And here are some we really need.

*Raise the voting age to 50.

*Term limits for Congress! House: 24 hours. Senate: 36 hours. Cut it down farther if need be. See how much of our money they can waste if they’re not allowed to perch up on Capitol Hill for years and years.

*Student loan forgiveness–paid for by the colleges and universities who hand out degrees in Tripe Studies and the like. The problem with this was always that it was the defenseless taxpayers who wound up holding the bag, which was flagrantly unjust. But to make the colleges eat the cost of what they’ve done–well, fair is fair.

*Auction off all United Nations facilities on U.S. soil.

*Award a Presidential Medal of Freedom to anyone who refuses to bow down to the Marxist gang, “Black Lives Matter.”

*Still under consideration: arrange for the other 49 states to secede from California.

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