But I Don’t Love This

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They took away my Reblog function, but I still try, honest. I tried again today. As far as my colleague at the Unashamed of Jesus blog knows, I successfully reblogged his post and he thanked me for it. But no sign of his post has appeared on my page. Sheesh, I don’t want people thinking that I’m only pretending to reblog them!

And now my Share button doesn’t work, either. It stopped working on Sunday. My tech support, Jill, can’t figure out what’s gone wrong. If it stumps her, it’s really wrong. I could go back to the WordPress Happiness Engineers, but they’ll just string me along for an hour and a half and the problem won’t get fixed. But I will get an earful of unintelligible computer-speak. This I don’t need.

Maybe they have a problem that they’re not admitting, and they’ll fix it someday, and the Share button will start working again. That would be nice.

But for the time being… oh, fap!

5 comments on “But I Don’t Love This

  1. You probably already know this, but, if you’re reading posts on Chrome, & probably Firefox, or another, there should be dots in a vertical line (or some similarity of ittybittiness) in the up most corner. Clicking that allows you to share in the form of copying the link to that exact blog post that you’re reading & you can then paste that exact one to your site. It’s not the same as a reblog, but it’s an option.

    1. I wish I could do that; but all the posts I’d want to share, I find on my Reader–and there they don’t have the three dots. Used to be, all I had to do was click the Share button at the bottom of the post, and it would appear on my page. As of this past Sunday, that doesn’t work anymore.

      Now I wonder what’ll be the next chunk WordPress chops off my blog.

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