Now Can We Have a Bicycle?

Storytime with Karen - Quokkas - Cockburn Libraries

G’day! Byron the Quokka here, by special request: Phoebe has ordered out Team Quokka to try to cheer everybody up. Lee is looking at his viewer numbers and it’s distressing him.

Well, how many times have I told him, “You’ve got to start giving away bicycles”? Look, here’s another bike somebody just left sitting here, obviously doesn’t want it anymore. Yes, I know the owner just stepped into the ice cream parlor for a cone. Of course he’d be cheesed off if he came back out and found some quokkas had spirited away his bicycle. But what if he decided to stay inside the ice cream parlor?

Yes, I know it’s been a bad year. I don’t bother with the nooze anymore. We don’t have CNN on Rottnest Island. But we do have a lot of bikes standing around unused!

That’s a hint, old boy.

2 comments on “Now Can We Have a Bicycle?

  1. I just formed a mental picture of a swarm of quokkas carrying away someone’s bicycle, and I can hardly type for laughing.

    Of course, since quokkas move by hopping, the bicycle heist team would have to work out a highly synchronized hopping pattern — sorry, I can’t go on. Laughing too hard.

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