Our Mail-In Ballots!

You Should Really Sign Up for a Mail-In Ballot. Here's How to Do It

We got Patty’s mail-in ballot today. Wahoo. Just fill it out and send it in. None of that bother with a poll worker checking your signature to make sure you’re you. Nobody watching to see who actually goes into the voting booth. No more of those annoying safeguards to preserve the integrity of the election! Just fill it out and send it in.

All for our own good, of course. To protect us from the Pandemic. But there are always diseases in the environment. Is it going to be mail-in votes from now on?

The only comfort I can find in all this is that Democrats are expending their resources to cheat in states which they’re going to win anyway. Why they bother to cheat in solid Blue States is beyond me. They must have money to burn.

We have opened wide the door to voter fraud and begged it to come in. Democrats will see how many votes they need to win and presto! The ballots will magically appear. If they need half a million more votes, that’s how many they’ll find. All they need is a functional printing press.

This is a shameful day in our history. If our republic can survive, it won’t be because Democrats didn’t try to tear it down.

God help us.


4 comments on “Our Mail-In Ballots!

  1. President Trump will be nominating a justice to the Supreme Court this Saturday and she already has the votes to be approved. With her on the Court the lawsuits against these States just sending out ballots willy-nilly will be rebuked and have to stop it in the future. The Court is the Grand Prize and now the Conservatives are in control which has been a long time coming. Be encouraged. With four more years of Trump and a GOP majority in the Senate there will be more seats to fill, and I don’t mean packing the Court.

    1. I’ve heard someone say that RGB’s death may have just saved the Republic, and it happened just a fortuitous moment. Now, I didn’t wish her death, nor do I take glee in it, but the timing of it does make me wonder. Was it a coincidence or is God’s hand at work?

  2. I just read that a number of mailed-in ballots (mostly military) were found in a trash can at a district polling center in Pennsylvania. Coincidentally (harumph), all of them were votes for Trump. the FBI is investigating.

    Now we have to wonder how many trash-canned votes for Trump haven’t been found. And how many will be more carefully disposed of after this so they won’t be found so easily.

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