‘Wanted in Our Entertainment: Religion as Part of Everyday Life’ (2015)

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Frank McGrath as Charlie Wooster

Look at our movies, TV shows, novels and short stories, etc.–how often do you see fictional characters for whom religion is an inseparable part of who they are?

Wanted in Our Entertainment: Religion as Part of Everyday Life

There is a time for religious exercise to be in private, as Our Lord Jesus Christ taught; but there’s also a time for it to be publicly shared. This, too, the Bible teaches.

But our “entertainment” is a massive God-free zone, dryer than the Sahara–when was the last time you saw a fictional character praying? It’s like they all came out of a faculty lounge somewhere–arch-humanists, every one of them. And that’s not realistic. That is not what human life looks like. But then who knows less about humanity than a humanist?

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  1. These days, any displays of faith or religious practice are portrayed as being weak and shameful. It’s not realistic, because there are still a lot of people practicing Christianity. If you measure Christianity by the mainstream churches, it appears to be collapsing, but Christianity is flourishing in non-denominational groups, many of which meet in homes. This is pretty much how it was practiced in the earliest days of Christianity.

    1. In British TV, religious practice can also be depicted as crazy and/or evil. Oops. I mean *Christian* religious practice. Islam is always A-OK. Almost as good as atheism.

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