College: Shut It Down

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When it’s too late to get your tuition money back…

Does anything good get done at any university? Not that I’ve heard of.

Meanwhile, the University of Minnesota offers a two-hour lecture, with academic credit, on “Recovery from Whitness” ( ‘Cause, see, bein’ white is bad-bad-bad!

This crock features “a 12-step program,” a la Alcoholics Anonymous, “that helps people recover from their whiteness.”

Why are people sending their children to this place–and paying through the nose to do it? Why is there government funding for it? Why are we paying these moral imbeciles to addle young people’s minds and wack out our country? How is it that none of this–not a word of it–is not considered hate speech? Can you imagine the reaction, if they had something called “recovery from blackness”? The solar system couldn’t contain the outrage.

As a nation we must have a damned big screw loose, to allow this.

Yo, college! You want to recover from Whiteness? Let’s see how you do without white people’s money!

And non-whites, be patient: when they’ve finished with white people, they’ll turn on you. And when they’ve finally eaten everybody, they’ll eat themselves.

That’s Satan’s plan, at least.

5 comments on “College: Shut It Down

  1. I am so glad I didn’t send any of my offspring to “college”. In fact, I didn’t even attend, myself. Just as I was about to be given a scholarship to the biggest college in my state, my parents suddenly moved us to another state. GOOD.

  2. I see college graduates coming into my profession, all the time. I used to be somewhat intimidated, until I realized that many of them were absolutely clueless about their profession, in spite of four, or more, years of college and massive student debt. I saw some very stupid, very very stupid, things happen and, in many cases, I could fix what they had broken and it didn’t take me weeks to plan my changes. I predict that conventional degrees will lose favor and be replaced by either professional certifications (which are far from perfect) or a demand for real-world experience.

    I have hired four different assistants over the last 20 years and 3 of the 4 had no formal education, while the fourth was working on a Master’s Degree. The three that I trained from scratch were much more useful than the college guy.

  3. Normal, decent people can only take so much and then they fight back. God can only take so much and then He sends judgment. Could the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop hardrive happening just weeks before the election be a judgment against the Biden crime family? Who wants our First Family to be a bunch of losers and grifters?

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