Cavalcade of Cats

I wonder where everybody went today. Guys, you’re missin’ the cat video. Cats doing odd things.

I had a friend whose cat taught herself to use the john, although she couldn’t teach herself to flush it. Even so, he saved a bundle on kitty litter.

It’s amazing how well they adapt to our human homes.

6 comments on “Cavalcade of Cats

    1. I was just too busy yesterday to reply to anything. I’m about to leave the house now (4:30am), and I have some errands to do later in the morning, but I’ve saved some of yesterday’s posts, and I hope to have some time this afternoon to make the responses I couldn’t do yesterday. If not, just imagine me panting and gasping as I run like crazy on my human hamster wheel.

  1. This video wouldn’t open for me. It just kept spinning and never did open. I know it would have been
    cute, as all the animal videos are, but grrrrr, this thing just does one ridiculous thing after another.

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