Bug-Man Sighted!

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Well, I’ve run out of time for putting up posts. That means I can’t show you this genuine, authenticated photo of a Bug-Man.

Sorry. But I have been trying to steer clear of the nooze this weekend, provide a chuckle or two if I can, and a bit of rest for our minds.

Who is the Bug-Man? (It isn’t you!) I know that face from somewhere…

3 comments on “Bug-Man Sighted!

  1. Considering the apparent affinity for keyboards, it seems like a character from “archy and mehitabel,” although definitely not archy, who was a cockroach, not a fly. 🙂

    1. Don Marquis, the creator of archy and mehitabel, used to say, “It’d really be one on me if I was only remembered for a cockroach.”

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