California Governor Bans Thanksgiving

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No full-family get-togethers. No uncles, aunts, or cousins. If you have a big family, some of your children have to stay away.

No dining indoors, and so what if it’s late November. No turkey on a platter: all food must be prepackaged in containers.

No singing allowed–unless you sing very softly, with the face mask over your mouth.

Welcome to Thanksgiving 2020 in California!

Gov. Gavin Noisome has thought up a whole passel of new “regulations” to load onto the people of his state (–“regulations” affecting just about everyone in California. Gee, they’ll need a lot of people ratting out their neighbors, to enforce them.

Who knew a mere governor had so much power? This reminds me of World War II movies set in occupied France, with the people suffering under an SS colonel who has absolute power over them. All our governors are missing is the firing squads.

But, see, COVID-19 is gonna kill you dead, wam, bam, on the spot, unless you obey each and every mandate your governor can think of. It’s gonna kill you personally. Not like Climbit Change, which kills everybody. This virus has a bullet with your name on it.

Except it’s OK to riot, the virus will let you do that. Naturally–it’s for Social Justice. Loot, burn, assault, and freak out all you like.

But don’t have the family over for Thanksgiving!

Well, that takes care of Thanksgiving in California. Next target, Christmas. If they can ban Christmas, they can ban anything.


8 comments on “California Governor Bans Thanksgiving

  1. Insanity truly reigns supreme. Years ago, I spoke to people about the coming ‘one world government” and even the polite ones made it clear that they thought I was a little unhinged. Now, I wonder how those same people are thinking?

  2. Maybe if would be okay to have Thanksgiving if everyone put on their masks between bites. QUESTION: If masks prevent the Wuhan Virus, why are people still getting sick? Saw this one: What is more harmful? Covid-19 or Biden-20?

  3. Democrats want to take the joy out of everything, because they get pleasure out of making people’s lives miserable. Masks, social distancing, no hospital visitors, no family or friend gatherings, take-out only restaurants, fear, fear, fear; that’s what they like, and they’ll keep on until they’re stopped.

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