Red China’s Worse Than You Thought

More companies are writing China's Communist Party into their charters -  Nikkei Asia

Biden says they’re nice people!

Yesterday I read Hillsdale College’s Imprimis newsletter, featuring an article by Brian Kennedy, “Facing Up to the Chinese Threat” (Imprimis, September 2020, Volume 49, No. 9). It made for alarming reading. You can read it online (

I think the worst thing in it was this: “Chinese school textbooks are now presenting a false account of Christianity and of Jesus’ life and teachings.” For instance, John 8:3-11, the woman supposedly taken in adultery, rescued by Jesus (“Let him who is without sin among you cast the first stone”)… Well, in the approved Chinese Communist Party version of the Gospel, Jesus Christ the Son of God “admits” that He’s a sinner, too–and then stones the woman to death Himself!

Digging a little deeper, I found this report to be true. A secondary school textbook published by the University of Electronic Science and Technology Press teaches the false Gospel ( In this blasphemy, Jesus says “I, too, am a sinner,” and adds, “If the law could only be executed by men without blemish, the law would be dead.” That’s when He picks up the stone and fires it at the woman.

The lesson, boys ‘n’ girls, is that the Chinese Communist Party and its laws are good and pure, transcending the impure human beings who happen to represent them. Whatever the Party does is right!

Meanwhile, the Red Pope has agreed to give the CCP control over the Catholic Church in China, despite the Party’s treading on the Gospel and holding up a false Christ. It is estimated there are at least 100 million Christians in China, if not more.

And who will defend them? Who will speak the truth to them? Who will teach them out of the real Bible?

Disney Corp. The National Basketball Assn. Wall Street fat cats. Joe “CCP Stooge” Biden & Co. All of these, and more, are eager to sell out their country to China. They’ll do anything for Chicom money. And they kinda like the way the Chicoms do things–no conservatives in China. No one to stand up to the government and say “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

They’re selling out America, and more–they’re selling out the innocent people of China who deserve a decent government, and freedom. Selling out 100 million Chinese Christians, and a billion more Chinese who don’t deserve the monsters that rule over them.

Judgment Day, you villains, Judgment Day–you won’t be able to buy your way out of that.

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  1. I’ve been beginning to think that the leftist radicalization in this country can be traced back to CCP involvement. The worst mistake the West made was empowering the Chinese government economically.

  2. Good one, Lee. John D. Rockefellar used his wealth to empower missionaries around the world, and especially in the harvest field of China. His money built the fantastic Peking Medical Research College composed of numerous buildings training doctors and nurses. The along came communism and everything was nationalized.

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