The Pseudo-Religion Comes into Its Own

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COVID-19 is very far from being the deadliest disease the world has ever known, but that hasn’t stopped our exalted leaders from behaving like it’s the Black Death and the Spanish Flu rolled into one. And so we have these bizarre, draconian restrictions wrapped around people’s necks, world-wide; and every time we get close to what we’ve been told will be the end of it, they move the goalposts farther away.

Need we mention that nobody tells us anymore what the end will be?

And what happens from now on whenever a nasty disease comes along? Are we gonna play shutdown/lockdown every time?

Why do our exalted leaders do this to us?

Because it’s their weird substitute religion. And what religion is that? The Humanist Manifesto 2 will sum it up neatly for you ( There is no God, but no problem, using our infallible Science wisely, we, the world’s smartest people, can and will do everything God shoulda done!

So they want God’s job, they want to sit on His throne: and then they realize, “Schiff, now we gotta do all those things we disbelieved in God for not doing!” You will find those things listed in the Humanist Manifesto. Question: Why does every moth-eaten bunch of commie wackos have a “manifesto”?

Now that government is God, and they’re the government, they have to do a better job than God ever did and prevent all Bad Things from happening! And if any of them do happen anyway, it’s Donald Trump’s fault. In the case under discussion here, the self-anointed gods now have to demonstrate that they can wipe out diseases. Once they’ve got it all under control, no one will ever get sick anymore! (Unless White Supremacists find some way to make them sick.)

Whatever the problem, it can always be traced to a core or cadre of Christian conservative spoil-sports who refuse to get behind the program. They’re the ones holding back the Government from creating Utopia! Off to the gulag with ’em! You’ve gotta break eggs to make an omelet.

It’s not just disease. The new gods, self-anointed, also propose to eliminate war, poverty, inequality, and unhappiness. “That’s a better deal than God ever gave you!” And who needs forgiveness of sins, when there must be some Scientific method to make it impossible for you to sin in word, act, or thought? Some little chip implanted in your brain: it’ll fry you if you think a Bad Thought.

Because the humanists aspire to be gods–just as the Serpent promised, back in the Garden of Eden–they must aim for and exercise total control over every aspect of human life. Wow! Good thing they’ll only do that for our own good!

The fool says in his heart that there is no god; and then he goes out and makes one out of cardboard.

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  1. Understanding the significance of the fall of man is a huge source of perspective. Without that, we are susceptible to Satan’s lie that we will be like God. Without it, we are doomed to folly.

  2. This says it spot-on! I forwarded it to my brother (Nevada), who just read it to his church group gathered for Thanksgiving. They appreciated the insight.

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