Cats & Christmas Trees (A Horror Movie)

The only time our Christmas tree fell over, the cats had nothing to do with it. It just fell. And landed on me.

We have a real tree, and it takes me a good two hours to decorate it. I am happy to say none of our cats ever brought down a Christmas tree. Eating pine needles, batting low-hanging ornaments around, rumpling the blanket–that’s about all the mischief we have to cope with.

Yeah, we can laugh at these videos. You sort of have to.

2 comments on “Cats & Christmas Trees (A Horror Movie)

  1. I never put up a tree any more, since my sons are both middle age, and do not want the bother,
    and I don’t need it either, but remember how difficult it used to be trying to keep the dogs and cats
    out of the mischief.

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