Weather Update: Walmart Was Gehenna

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Well, it’s snowing, all right. The heavy snow is supposed to hit us tomorrow. I dunno, it’s already looking pretty heavy. But we shall see.

We had to go to Walmart today to pick up Patty’s prescription at their pharmacy, and also more groceries to tide us over the next few days.

Holy moly. What at first appeared to be a crowded airport parking lot turned out to be hundreds and hundreds of cars gassing up at Costco. In the Walmart parking lot, the cars flowed like lava. I hiked to the entrance and found myself in a crowd like on the runways of Yankee Stadium on Opening Day. You could barely move. I got the prescription all right, but it didn’t take but two minutes to abandon the quest for groceries. I calculated that it would actually cost us less time to drive several miles out of the way and buy the stuff at Stop and Shop.

Getting back out of the Walmart parking lot was… well, let “horrible” suffice.

Stop and Shop was crowded, too, with long lines at every register; still, compared to Walmart, Stop and Shop was heaven. I fell into conversation with a couple of nice people in the line. Nice and friendly: a pleasant surprise. People don’t always turn into werewolves when they have to put up with assorted tribulations. We did stop short of having a sing-along.

My dream is to stay home tomorrow and not go to any stores. It’d be wonderful if my blog numbers recovered tomorrow. (Very strange: they tanked on Jan. 17. Kaploosh, just like that.) Maybe we’ll watch a movie in the afternoon. Or at least watch the snow.

8 comments on “Weather Update: Walmart Was Gehenna

  1. I always dread days like that, and in fact, at my age now, I am thankful that my two sons take over most of the hard stuff. It is good to get out of the house, but not on days of heavy weather. I went to church this morning, and it was fine because we didn’t have enough new snow to matter, only frozen fog.

  2. When is WalMart not Gehenna? But I agree, it gets worse. I stock up before Thanksgiving and try to minimize my shopping until Christmas passes. But any time there is unusual weather, or any other reason which causes people to stock up, the atmosphere at WalMart gets tense.

    In the nearest town, my shopping choices are a supermarket and WalMart. WalMart is less expensive, but I tend to favor the supermarket, except for a handful of items. Accordingly, I plan my WalMart trips and try to keep the number as low as possible. With social distancing measures, it’s easy to find oneself in a line extending 30’ or so into the clothing department. This situation has made life a lot more of a hassle.

    1. And meanwhile, before you dutifully stand six feet apart to check out, you’ve been bumping into each other and falling all over each other’s carts up and down the aisles doing your shopping, right? 🙂

      One of the stores where I shop has one-way arrows on the aisle floors. This is a low-traffic store, by the way, where you’re usually alone in an aisle or maybe encountering one other person. But low traffic or high traffic, everyone going in the same direction isn’t going to make much difference to a virus, which travels in every direction. Head-on encounters, shoulder-to-shoulder passing, standing side by side at a shelf, or walking in someone’s wake, you’re still going to be passing through floating germs that are wafting in every direction. This nonsense has nothing to do with health and everything to do with control.

    2. It’s all crap: and sometimes I get the feeling they were just waiting for it to happen, with all these restrictions already doped out.

  3. Your observation of how people were friendly makes me think if our country is over COVID I hope some of the looney conspiratorial thoughts against others by the Left will have less traction than when people are isolated they think worst of others…

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