I’m Sorry!

Snow plough in Texas

I enjoy watching cats and dogs frolic in the snow. When I was of an age for it, I used to frolic in the snow, too. And what could better than a day or two off from school, on account of snow? Who wants to sit there in the stalag, “learning” about things you’ll never again, not even once, ever even think of, let alone use, when you could be sledding?

I am now what is popularly considered Old. And I can’t help it–I still enjoy the snow. I like watching it come down. I like the way it shuts off the incessant noise we have to live with, here in central Jersey. I like the happy memories it calls up.

Well, certain friends and family members, now that we’ve had more snow than even I would ever ask for, are kind of cheesed off at me, as if the excess snowfall were… well, my fault!

Yeesh! Of course I don’t like being unable to use our cars. Of course I don’t like having to spend money for a cab to take me to the supermarket. And if I, personally, had to shovel the sidewalk around our apartment building–which I used to do, by the way–I wouldn’t like that, either. It might even be dangerous for me to try to do it.

So, to everyone who’s offended by me not hating snow, what can I say? I’m sorry! I can’t help it being a hard winter! I can’t help it if all sorts of “progressive” Swell Ideas like wind turbines, solar panels, and shutting down the Keystone Pipeline turned out to be not to swell ideas, once the weather got seriously bad. Things that work just fine in easy weather might not stay the course in hard weather.

(Don’t forget the DIY Cornish room heater. You might need it! See the archives, or search for it on Youtube.)

And anyway, I don’t blame any of you warm-weather lovers when the temperature goes up into the 90s, do I?

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  1. Lee, I hope you didn’t think my wry comment about being tired of (mid-city) snow was a rebuke to you! I was just doing an Old Lady Kvetch in general, and certainly not at you — or at the frolicking-in-the-snow cats. I like to see cats frolicking in just about any surroundings, although I do admit to an occasional head-to-toe shiver when I see cats plowing shoulder-deep through snow.

  2. Lee, I get the same responses from co-workers, friends and family members too. I’m on the opposite spectrum. I do enjoy a hot sunny summer day over the alternative. Those people who are more sensitive to heat blame me because I’m a summer kinda guy.
    There is no pleasing anyone. And when it comes to weather, wait six months and it will change.

    1. Yo, Jerry, don’t blame me and I won’t blame you. I love all four seasons and would be desolated if I had to do without one or more of them. No living on the equator or at the poles for me.

    2. Lee, I agree with you. I like living with seasons, too. Each one may have its drawbacks, but each has its beauties as well. And it’s good to get some variety. When I was stationed in the Philippines, we had only two seasons: rainy and dry. Temperatures remained constant at 95-100F. And when I lived in Baton Rouge, we had six seasons: six kudzu-growing spurts. Everything else remained constant. I was always happy to return to a place with a normal spring-summer-fall-winter cycle, even if one or more of those seasons was overly long or short.

      Of course, when I lived in Cheyenne, we used to say that we had only two seasons: winter and Frontier Days (last week in July). And here in Central Ohio we joke that we have two seasons as well: winter and road construction (most of the year). 🙂 But at least we know it’s all a joke (mostly).

  3. Fort Smith received 5 ” of snow on Monday, and then 2-3 more inches on Wednesday. It was a very powdery snow, but by Friday with the sun out the snow was perfect for building a snowman which I did. I couldn’t let the opportunity slip by (charcoal eyes, carrot nose, M&Ms smile, a hat, and a colorful scarf). Yes, I love the snow – school was closed all five days!!

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