‘Oops! 100% Tax Rate’ (2017)

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A band of jolly senators, circa 1879

One of the fondest dreams of leftids the world over is a 100% tax rate–and maybe even higher.

For a brief moment in history, thanks to a pack of fumbling, bumbling senators, we almost had a 100% tax rate in America.

Oops! 100% Tax Rate

My wife is trying to do our taxes this week. It takes all day, day after day, going over hundreds of pages, until it’s finally done.

When things get this complicated, a fair amount of stupidity is bound to work its way in. And with that much complication, things don’t stay honest, either.

2 comments on “‘Oops! 100% Tax Rate’ (2017)

  1. Oh, boy, doing taxes; such fun. Several years back, when my first husband and I owned several rental properties, tax time was not only irritating, but also very expensive. Now, I am poor, so don’t have to do
    taxes any more. Don’t know which is worse, being poor or working on taxes.

    1. After a few seconds of reading the tax forms and instructions, my eyes glaze over and I find myself completely lost. It’s a good thing Patty is a highly experienced bookkeeper.

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