Fun with Phantoms

Death Be Not Loud  by Jan Olandese

Death Be Not Loud: Ghosts Haunts & Tall Tales For Restless Nights:  Olandese, Jan: 9781521379561: Books

It isn’t every day we get to review a book written by a frequent visitor to our humble blog. You might know Rev. Olandese from her blog, “Book ‘Em, Jan-O”–I just love that title, a takeoff on Jack Lord’s immortal line from Hawaii Five-O, “Book ’em, Dano.”

These are billed as “ghost stories,” but they’re much too original to be labeled. Ghosts are in or around the stories: but mostly what we get is clever, witty, off-the-wall story-telling. The book is easily available via

It says right there in our mission statement that a good laugh is a gift from God, a blessing that helps us keep our sanity in a fallen world whose Very Smartest People can’t find anything better to do than to denounce cartoon characters. Jan’s little book will give you a great many smiles and not a few laugh-out-loud moments. Patty read it first and fell in love with it. We’re both very happy to recommend it to you.

Warning: If you’re not a scary story fan, there are inside jokes and allusions and takeoffs in here that will probably elude you. But even then you’ll still have fun!

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