I Could Just Go Back to Bed!

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Yesterday, for no reason whatsoever–there’s never any reason–the computer turned my stats page into garbage. Now it’s very, very hard to work with. Plus it’s ugly. I hate looking at it.

The stats page is the home base for my work, so I spend a lot of time there. Now it’s hard to work because all the colors have been taken away and it looks so ugly, it’s a distraction.

We tried updating our whatsits, but of course that didn’t work. When it comes to computers, things hardly ever work. And they want to implant these wretched failures in our brains? Even our stupid brains work better than computers!

Now I can’t see which comments I’ve already viewed and which I haven’t–that ought to help the conversation along.

This is on top of my viewer numbers crashing into the basement.

Yesterday SlimJim helped me to do an experiment. It had a dramatic result, but I haven’t yet figured out how to interpret it. I wondered what would happen if a few readers shared a few of my posts on their own Facebook pages, or wherever. Jim gave it a try, and his post, on my page, brought in 55 views!

The rest of the blog’s performance yesterday was pretty miserable. It crashed on Jan. 17 and has never bounced back. I do not know why. WordPress’ happiness engineers insist WP has nothing to do with it. In fact, they insist I have no problem. That’s rich. I’m down over 100 views a day from where I was at this time last year–and close to 200 views down from November and December.

Too much frustration. Just too much.

9 comments on “I Could Just Go Back to Bed!

  1. I certainly hear you on this one. What a week I have had, and the rest of the family hasn’t had much better. My debit card was hacked, had to get a new one, I received threatening phone calls, I had to pay some bills with checks, and the mail is slow, so I got a letter of cancellation although the check I sent had cleared my bank, another phone call, hope it is straightened out, my license tabs delayed because the dept sent to the previous address, although I had gotten two tabs here at the correct address, computer going off line every morning, and on it goes, plus I have been feeling terrible and weak, so don’t feel alone. Just pray, trust God, and I will pray for you too.

    1. Thanks, Erlene. You’re in my daily prayers.

      It seems the medieval Japanese greatly overestimated the sword’s power to solve problems. I don’t think a rebellious computer understands a baseball bat, either.

  2. It’s only going to get worse folks! Look at life in the USSR and see what we’ll be dealing with. The Chinese seem to have things better but as they lie, you really don’t know.

    1. Well, there is no more USSR and someday there’ll be no more Red China–because communism is a self-destroying disaster. Kind of hard on the innocent bystanders, though.

    1. It looks horrible and we can’t fix it. And, just to help drive me crazy, NOBODY ELSE CAN SEE HOW BAD IT LOOKS! Everybody else gets to see a nice and moral stats page. But I now have to work on a rubbish heap.

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