There’s Something Wrong with Our Politics

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There’s a lot I don’t understand about our current politics.

How does 1) a paper-thin majority in the House of Representatives, 2) a tie vote in the Senate, and 3) a president whose election was, to put it as charitably as possible, of doubtful legitimacy add up to a partisan government that does everything it damned well pleases without encountering any meaningful opposition?

Once upon a time, even if you were the majority party, you still had to dicker, compromise, give the opposition some of the things they wanted, You couldn’t just ignore them–as is being done now.

Another thing: the president is the chief executive. Among other things, his duty, as laid out in the Constitution, is to see that our country’s laws are enforced. Our immigration laws are statutes enacted by Congress and signed into law by various presidents. So how come China Joe gets to not only ignore those laws, but refuse to enforce them and encourage people to break them?

Is our system broken? Is that how we’ve wound up with these very strange politics? Did they repeal the Constitution when we weren’t looking?

Stolen elections have consequences, don’t they?

One of those consequences is that we completely lose control of our government.

3 comments on “There’s Something Wrong with Our Politics

  1. There may be opposition, but the media and Big Tech won’t let it speak, the Deep State agencies handcuff it, the courts are too cowed to review the evidence it tries to present, and now the military has been co-opted into suppressing it as well. Meanwhile, all the forces listed above aid and abet the terrorist organizations (BLM, antifa, etc.) that burn the country to the ground.

    Constitution? Don’t you know that our overlords have declared it (a) a “living document that must change with changing times” and/or (b) an outdated and racist document written by dead white heteronormative males who owned slaves?

  2. We are witnessing Communism trying to take over a free people in one fell-swoop, with a liar-in-chief at the head of it. We are lost when looked at in the natural, but in the spiritual all things are possible for those who believe. Are we believers? Then let us see things spiritually by proclaiming God’s promises over our lives, over our families & churches, and over our country. God is faithful, He will not desert us. Be excited about what God is going to do in rescuing us from the political grips of Satan. Keep your eyes on Trump, he is God’s anointed to make America Christian again.

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