‘Another Global Warming Prophecy Bites the Dust’ (2018)

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Nothin’ here but Global Warmin’!

Where did all these fascists come from? Have we begotten them?

Another Global Warming Prophecy Bites the Dust

They want to lock you up for not believing in their precious Man-Made Climate Change, which used to be called Global Warming.

And we put them back in power???

Well, in point of fact, we didn’t. The power that they have today, they stole.

And now they’re cranking up Climbit Change again. God defend us.

3 comments on “‘Another Global Warming Prophecy Bites the Dust’ (2018)

  1. In man’s vain attempt to explain and attempt to control the earth is so pathetic. We are in the days of the birth pains of the Lord’s warnings and instructions in Matthew 24 and Luke 17 and 21 are intensifying for sure, but man can do nothing about any of it, EXCEPT to make our sure we are ready to meet the Lord’s soon arrival. They are worrying about all the wrong things.

  2. “Climate Change” is one of the stupidest things ever. It is meaningless, yet talked about with such solemnity. Greenland hasn’t warmed in over a decade. Other places warm and other places cool down. It is maddening how common sense has so little sway over people anymore.

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